Artizcoin AMA Jan 21, 2022


Artizcoin hosted an AMA reserved for early investors on January 21, 2022 at 10 AM E.T.

Below is the report.

Part 1: Project update

Sam Drissi, Visionary Officer, presented the progress report as follows:

During the last two months, several collaboration contracts have been signed between the following entities:

IBC & Artizyou collaboration

1- IBC International Blockchain Consulting Group (IBC) have expertise in marketing, growth hacks, tech, legal & capital raising, to ensure a successful ICO, IEO, IDO or STO. In addition to the above. As we launch phase two of our IDO, partnerships like these will be essential for optimizing our tokenomics and coin utility.

Polygon collaboration

2- Polygon NFT Community

Artizyou aims to adapt IP protection to users’ needs, not the other way around. We are proud to announce a new NFT partnership with @BelugaBayNFT (you’ve probably heard us in his Twitter Space from 2–4 every day). Beluga is one of our favorite NFT partners and @CryptoGoonz.

“We are so happy to be working with so many #Polygon creators to provide intellectual property certification and monitoring for their #NFT creations” Sam Drissi said.


Artizyou and DefiXBet DXB is a fully decentralized P2P Gaming & Betting platform with no off-chain data. We will collaborate to integrate Artizyou technology to allow creators around the world to easily publish their Game-Fi and NFTs under the NFC Non-Fungible Certificate protocol, all in a metaverse. A collaboration opportunity that will push Artizyou into the GameFi sphere.

Road map update:

Roadmap update :

Main changes: adoption of new blockchains such as Polygon and Algorand in order to control gas fees. Other collaborations are being negotiated.

Technological advancement:

Preview presentation of Artizyou’s new workflow to allow creators the turnkey generation of an NFC, including operating licenses, certification of the work and the possibility of publishing on other platforms such as Opensea, Rarible and many more.

Demonstration of conventional law generator from Artizyou.

Big surprises are about to be announced.

Tokenomics update:

We have made a better distribution Artizcoin as follows:

15% of the total max supply, i.e. 3 MM Artizcoins

Launch in 3 major steps:

Seed round for 5% of the coins or 1 MM of Artizcoin intended for VC’s with a discount of 15%.

Private sale for 9.5% of the coins or 1.9MM. from Artizcoin with a 10% discount.

Public sale of 3% of the coins or 600,000 Artizcoins.

Important: We have integrated a vesting period with 2 months Cliff IDO, linear vesting over 10 months

If you don’t know, here are some definitions:

Cliff lock-up periods: the period of time that must pass before the release of the tokens starts.

Vesting Process: by which tokens are locked and released slowly over a certain period of time. This means those assets can’t be sold, transferred, or transacted until they are released.

The remaining 63% of coins will be used as follows:

Operational investment:

Marketing 25% 3,150,000 coins

Founding team 12.5% 1,575,000 coins

Development investment:

Ecosystem development 17.5% 2,205,000 coins

Security reserve 10% 1,260,000 coins

Liquidity 10% 1,260,000 coins

Community rewards 20% 2520000 coins

Sales 5% 630,000 coins

Note: Monthly vesting 16 months lock

Planning for next launch: March 30, 2022

Compensation for early investors: the new token will be airdropped according to the amount invested with the possibility of bonuses.

Early investors will be able to access the Whitelist for private sale.

Part 2 : Q&A

Q: How are you going to send new tokens?

Artizyou answer: We will drop the amount invested in Artizcoin with a potential bonus that will be calculated at the amount invested.

Q: When could you launch the new version of Artizyou?

Artizyou answer: A beta version will be launched online on April 30, 2022. You will be able to see the progress in private long before.

Q: When will you launch the private sale?

Artizyou answer: We have been opening registration for the Whitelist since May, it is accessible here, we are planning a private sale at the end of February with all reservations.

Q: How much would you be looking for?

Artizyou answer: We plan to raise between $100,000 to $250,000 K to cover launch and marketing costs and part of the investment made on new development.

Q: Do ​​you offer a promotion to test Artizyou?

Artizyou answer : Absolutely, we have launched a promotion on offering everyone the opportunity to protect their intellectual property with the current beta version for $1, here is the link in question code=NFT_1$

Q: What exchange/dex is the IDO planning to launch on? What will the trading pairs be (art/matic, art/bnb)?

Artizyou answer : We are considering a launch with a launchpad that will probably be compatible with Binance. I say this with all reservations, as previously discussed, we are also interested in Polygon and Algorand. We will take a snapshot to collect community votes before the launch.

Q: What is the plan if the IDO does not achieve its sales target?

Artizyou answer : We have planned a second private launch for safety in case the objective is not reached.

Q: Is the initial price of $0.25 fixed, or could this change between now and launch due to market conditions?

Artizyou answer : As mentioned in the tokenomics presentation, we are considering a 15% discount in order to maintain the interest of early investors. We unfortunately cannot confirm if the price will be fixed because, and as you know, once the IDO is launched the price will depend on several factors, such as the fluctuation of the crypto that pairs our coin.



Artizyou Non-Fungible Certificate

b-IP Blockchain Intellectual Property certificate, which is a non-fungible certificate. Unlike NFTs, it gives you the right to market, exploit, or tokenize IP🚀